Socks. Top Sock Tips From Lily G Jumper Shop

We have had some big bust ups here about socks because Olly rips holes in them after one wear. And then he pilfers mine. And then we both end up with no socks or holey socks and then I steal his when he finally buys more because I think, well, a sock for a sock (but this approach in life always backfires doesn’t it, because then I am walking around in holey socks).

I have spent more time than I care to admit googling “how can you make a hole in a sock after one wear” and I have spent loads of money on different sort of socks for him. Nothing works. Google said it’s down to hard skin on feet (I bought him some foot masks!) and / or shoes being a bit small.

Anyway, the conclusion is that we can’t share socks and combined with the daily nightmare of trying to sort through children’s socks that don’t match and being late for dance lessons or nursery because I couldn’t find a matching pair, below is my 2024 sock resolution. If you can relate to any of the above I have two top tips, brought to you by one instagram pal (@crowoodhouse) and one mum at dance. And I am sorry if you already knew / did this but it was revalatory to me.

1. Colour code your socks. One colour for each family member. This stops the sock stealing (in my case, or at least flags it) and it also means you will never have to wear an odd pair of socks. So, at the moment, my socks are this grey wool mix from John Lewis, and Louis’s are the same in navy. Olly has his own cheap socks from Mole Valley Farmers (I have tried every brand out there and nothing remains hole less for more than one wear). The baby wears tights from Cambridge Baby as she won’t keep socks on.

2. If you clicked on the link above you’ll realise I linked to children’s socks. BUY LARGE CHILDREN’S SOCKS. Buy the biggest size and wear them yourself. My feet are a 7/8 and the biggest pair of multipack JL ones fit me. Such a good idea! I ordered a job lot and it will last me years and saved me a fortune. £6 for three pairs.

I know that I preach about plastic in clothes and wool being the best but I am yet to find a 100% wool sock that doesn’t fall down around your ankles. In my case they fall OFF, inside my wellies.